Wimblington Parish Council responds to tax report

3:00 p.m. April 6, 2022

Wimblington Parish Council has responded to a recent report which highlighted the village as the most expensive place to pay council tax in Cambridgeshire.

In the report, it was revealed that the parish has the highest council tax in the county, with the Band D council tax rate for that year being £2,142.68.

Of this total, £1,469.61 goes to County Council, £74.97 to Fire Brigade, £257.58 to Police and Crime Commissioner, £260.46 to Fenland District Council and £80.06 £ to Wimblington Parish Council.

In response to the above report, the Registrar of Wimblington Parish Council has issued the following response.

“Unlike most parishes, we own and operate our village hall and have recently renovated it, but we still have the kitchen and a flat roof that will need full repair this year,” they said.

The clerk said the parish council owns and operates a graveyard and the war memorial playground and has ongoing drainage works to be done in both which will number in the thousands.

“We also have a children’s play area on the playground which we are responsible for and receive no financial support from the district council,” they said.

“The land and buildings at Parkfield belong to us and we have ownership responsibilities.”

Each year, the parish council receives a ROSPA report where it must ensure the maintenance of the problems reported.

This year the council has had to budget for a large amount of replacement fencing and also wants to install sewer capacity in Parkfield.

“We have many trees that will need trimming etc. this year that have a high cost to cut the grass,” the clerk said.

They added that “there is still the anomaly that parish councils have to maintain and power their own 96 streetlights while towns are paid for by the district council”.

“We have included in this year’s budget a solar-powered MVAS camera to complement the one for which we have obtained a grant. We also have two other MVAS cameras to service and maintain.

“We have the budget for all this work and our overhead which is expected to increase significantly with the increase in the price of electricity and gas, materials and labor, etc.”

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