Whitehall probe ordered over leaked tax status of Rishi Sunak’s wife

A Whitehall investigation has been launched following a leak of Chancellor Rishi Sunak wife’s tax status.

The investigation is investigating who leaked the information to the media.

Akshata Murty dramatically announced on Friday that she would pay UK tax on her worldwide earnings after the revelation that she was ‘not domiciled’ in the UK for tax purposes sparked a political debate.

Accused workers Sunak of hypocrisy, claiming his family had potentially saved tens of millions of pounds from the arrangement while he was save taxes for millions more.

According to the PA news agency, an investigation is currently underway to find out how the information was transmitted to the online newspaper The Independent.

According to The Sunday Times, Sunak’s team believe he is a Labor official nicknamed the ‘Red Coat’.

The newspaper quotes a senior government official as saying: ‘There is going to be a full investigation by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office and Treasury to find out who had this information and whether anyone asked for this information.

“Disclosure of an individual’s tax status is a criminal offence.”

Some experts have estimated that Murty, who remains an Indian citizen, saved £20million by not having to pay tax on his shares in Infosys, an Indian IT company founded by his father.

The disclosure saw Sunak’s approval ratings take another hit after he was criticized for not doing enough to support families struggling with the cost of living crisis in the spring statement last month. .

An Opinium Research poll found his approval rating had dropped three points since the end of March to 28%, while his disapproval rating had risen eight points to 43%, giving him a net rating of -15 (minus 15).

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