What is a 1099 tax form?

You might want to double-check your tax documents, a handful of people who didn’t get benefits also got one of these. Department of Workforce Solutions officials said this could be a red flag for fraud.

“What we’ve seen so far is that the overwhelming majority of them are bona fide 1099s, we’ve issued them correctly,” the Acting Workforce Solutions Department secretary said. work, Ricky Serna.

Officials said 94% of the issues the department received regarding 1099s were due to a claim filed in 2020 but payment was received in 2021. Officials said this could happen, for example, if a issue was resolved in 2021, for a claim filed in 2020.

But there are people who have received one in the mail, who have not filed for unemployment or received benefits.

“We don’t know until we know, do we?” So the money coming out and so this process of reporting these 1099s is part of a strategy that we know will help us identify more claims that have been filed without the knowledge of citizens,” Serna said. .

Serna said DWS arrested and recovered approximately $600 million in exiting for fraudulent claims. But there might be cases that they are not aware of.

“We are giving a grace period. We haven’t provided that information to the IRS yet, have we? So we’re waiting to be able to do some of that cleanup so the taxman isn’t waiting there for Brittany to claim her unemployment insurance when she received it,” Serna said.

This online form is the first step for any request for information on your declaration. Fill it out and expect a call from the department. After that, you can still file your taxes as normal and not claim that money.

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