Unemployment fraud: Chicago man receives Ohio unemployment tax form when he has never lived there

CHICAGO (WLS) – A Chicago man was surprised to receive an Ohio state unemployment tax form. This is because he has never lived in Ohio and has not filed for unemployment.

Manford Holmes regretted receiving a Form 1099-G, which is sent to people who have applied for unemployment. He wants to know how it happened and what it will take to clear his name.

Holmes said he received the form in the mail from the state of Ohio.

“I have never lived in Ohio,” he said. “I was afraid.”

It is a form sent to people who have received unemployment benefits because the IRS requires that the benefits be reported as income. Manford believes someone filed for unemployment using their name and personal information.

“I felt like I had been raped,” he said.

The ABC7 I-Team heard from several people in Illinois who received a 1099-G form, but never applied for unemployment benefits.

“What I hadn’t heard were people talking about another state and that really worried me,” Holmes said. “I hope you can help me determine what steps I need to take to protect myself.”

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Employment and Family said Manford was the victim of identity theft.

“The main data breaches we’ve observed over the past two years could be related to the massive amounts of identities used to file fraudulent unemployment claims nationwide… We really need your help to make this happen. find out what people should do if they haven’t applied for unemployment benefits and got 1099 from us, ”the spokesperson said.

Victims of fraud are invited to:

-Declare the fraud to the national employment agency

-Request a revised Form 1099-G stating that you have not received benefits
-Protect your identity by reviewing your credit report and visiting identitytheft.gov

For this South Side man, it was a frustrating reality that left him very uncomfortable.

“It’s constantly on my mind. I guess the best word is paranoid,” Holmes said. “I hope spreading this message helps someone else to know, because like I said, I never thought that would happen to me.”

Victims of fraud are also encouraged to contact the state attorney general’s office where the form originated from and place a fraud alert on your credit reports by contacting one of the three credit bureaus.

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