Unemployed people face problem while downloading tax form from state website


Pop-up blockers prevent some from accessing the form

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Once again, Floridians are complaining about the State Department’s Connect website about economic opportunities. This time around, people who have received unemployment benefits are struggling to get a form they need to file their taxes.

“I tried everything I could think of to do,” said Dana Lucas. “And you can’t ask anyone on the phone to help you. It’s a nightmare. It really is. “

Cheri Dunbar encountered the same problem.

“I tried for two or three weeks to download it, to watch it, and I never even got to see it,” she said.

A growing number of viewers have contacted Better Call Behnken with the same issue.

8 By Your Side Investigator Shannon Behnken discovered that the problem boiled down to a pop-up blocker running in the background on the Connect website.

You will need to turn off pop-up blockers in your web browser in order to view and print your Form 1099-G.

This trick worked for Cheri and Dana, but not until they both went through weeks of headaches.

A state spokesperson said if applicants can’t access their 1099-G in Connect, they can also request an additional form on 1099GRequest.com.

More information on Forms 1099-G can be found on the WD website.

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