Thousands of unemployed struggle to receive a tax form

If you were one of the thousands out of work last year, filing your tax return might be a little more difficult this year.

Hundreds of people in Southwest Florida are struggling to get their 1099-G from the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Those who haven’t been on unemployment since early last year, the DEO has made some changes since they last logged in, making it difficult for many people to access their 1099 to file their taxes. of this year.

Sonya Saffer said efforts to get hers had been frustrating.

“It took a long time to get it. I didn’t get it in the mail so I had to come here to get an impression,” Saffer said.

She is one of thousands of Career Source calls and visits for help, and Kim Fenty answers calls and helps people daily.

“We start the day at 8:01 a.m. and they’re calling and probably 50 to 100 people,” Fenty revealed.

Unemployment lawyer and community activist Vanessa Brito said one problem is that many people have not logged into their accounts for months and are now required to verify their identity.

“Not being able to log in means you can’t access your 1099,” Brito explained.

Others log into their account and see a message that their 1099G has been sent to their address, but this is misleading as most people are willing to receive things from WD electronically.

So the only option is to go to the 1099G request tab and upload it and Brito said that’s where many get stuck. The document will not download unless you disable your pop-up blocker in your computer settings. Once the document is downloaded, many do not know where to find it on their computer.

If this is all too confusing, people can go to this page and request a 1099 by mail. However, it will probably take two weeks to receive it.

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