The IRD will launch an online tax status system

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will soon be launching a system that would allow all taxpayers and tax administrators to access the status of their claims.

IRD Commissioner General HMWC Bandara made the announcement on March 31 at the launch of the Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Tax Journal (CA). The new system will allow tax applicants and administrators to view the status of a particular application. He said: “This will provide a 360° view that makes it easier for taxpayers and tax administrators to see the status of work.” Bandara noted that there have been considerable achievements regarding the digitization of services by the IRD.

The institution has already set up an online payment system with the participation of 4 public banks and 8 of the private banks established through the LankaClear system.

Bandara praised the CA and the partnership between the CA and the IRD to improve tax administration in the country.

He said that over the 89-year history of the IRD, there had been considerable entrenchment of the partnership between them and CA. He said the adversarial nature of the accounting profession on behalf of the taxpayer and the IRD on behalf of the government resulted in a sound tax system. Bandara welcomed the launch of the tax journal and noted that it is a new avenue of the already valuable work the AC does in terms of disseminating tax code information to the general public.

Through its investigations, the CA also plays an important role in ensuring that there is a common understanding of the tax code. The tax journal has Dinusha Rajapakse and Prasad Dassanayake as editors with Athithan Aruthavarajah, SK Thamari Fernando and JM Fazeer as review committee. The initial issue includes 7 submissions.

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