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HUDSON – The School Board for the Town of Hudson School District has approved the district’s property tax return slip.

The total expense budget for the 2021-2022 school year was $52,244,404, while next school year’s budget is $54,124,931, an increase of 3.6%.

The total tax levy for the 2021-2022 school year was $24,469,462. Next year is $24,958,851, an increase of 2%.

Enrollment in the Hudson City School District for the 2021-2022 school year was 1,670. For next year, the total enrollment is 1,562, which represents a decline of 6.47% .

The consumer price index, a measure of the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households and an indicator of inflation, is 4.7, according to the report.

The adjusted balance of unrestricted funds as a percentage of the total budget remained the same from one school year to the next at 4%.

“The City of Hudson School District has a history of proposing spending plans with tax levy increases below the tax cap, and we are proud to continue that trend with the 2022-23 budget proposal,” said said District Superintendent Lisamarie Spindler. “This budget proposal ultimately leaves more than $625,000 in taxpayers’ pockets next year.”

American Rescue Plan Act grant funds supplement the overall school district budget, providing students and staff with additional ways to regain a sense of normalcy after the academic and emotional setbacks of the pandemic. These funds allow the district to create expanded opportunities for students and staff that otherwise would not be possible.

“The goal of the proposed budget is to continue to provide Hudson students with all the academic opportunities and social-emotional supports they need to thrive in school and for their future,” Spindler said. “It is more important than ever to invest in our schools, our students and ultimately our communities.”

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