Sales tax report shows year off to a good start for Pearland

If sales tax reports for the first month of the year are any indication of what lies ahead, 2022 could be very kind to the city of Pearland.

According to the Texas Comptroller’s monthly report released March 11, which details revenue generated in January, Pearland generated $3 million in sales tax revenue in the first month of the year – a 10.5% improvement. compared to the $2.7 million generated during the same period in 2021.

In January 2020, before COVID triggered an economic downturn, Pearland’s sales tax revenue was $2.44 million, about $538,590 less than the city achieved this year.

January’s strong performance continues a trend where Pearland is posting a robust economy.

Over the past six months, the city averaged $3.5 million in monthly sales tax revenue.

In Alvin and Manvel, January sales tax receipts were in line with previous years.

Alvin’s total was $637,064 in the first month of the year. This figure was down 4.1% from the $664,219 reported in January 2021. In January 2020, Alvin produced $615,708 in tax revenue.

In Manvel, January produced $240,228 in sales tax revenue. That was 1.5% lower than the 2021 total of $243,901. Both of these levels were a marked improvement from the $194,128 received in January 2020.

Small towns in northern Brazoria County produced strong sales tax numbers, with the Colony of Iowa’s $39,935 leading the way.

That total represented a 30.1% increase from January 2021’s $30,532.

Over the past six months, Iowa Colony generated an average of $47,342 in sales tax revenue. At this point in the calendar in 2021, that figure was $34,036.

Brookside Village continued a four-month streak where year-over-year sales tax numbers improved when it saw $7,802 enter sales coffers. In January 2021, the sum was 30.1% lower at $5,962.

During this four-month period of year-over-year improvement, Brookside Village generated an average of $7,898 in sales tax revenue.

The State Comptroller’s Sales Tax is released six weeks after the fact. The report detailing the February receipts will be published in mid-April.

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