Sales tax report shows good March for Pearland

Pearland flirted with crossing the $4 million mark in monthly sales tax revenue but fell just short in March, while other towns in northern Brazoria County saw mixed results for this month.

If Pearland had generated over $4 million, it would have marked the second time in four months that Pearland had done so.

According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office Monthly Sales Tax Report released May 13, Pearland generated $3.99 million in March, an improvement of $488,061.78 from the $3.51 million dollars the city collected in the same month in 2021. This difference comes down to a 13.9% increase. .

The March figure also eclipsed February’s sales tax total of $1.05 million.

Alvin’s sales tax total has improved slightly from his counterpart a year ago. In March 2021, the city saw retailers collect $838,110.21 in sales tax revenue. This time around, that number was $25,704.07 higher at $863,814.28.

Manvel, however, went in the opposite direction.

The March sales tax total was $297,691.64, down 18% from a year ago, when $362,897.55 came in.

So far this year, Manvel has received $1.35 million in sales tax receipts. By this point in 2021, the municipality had collected $1.39 million.

Iowa Colony saw its monthly sales tax increase by less than 10% for the first time in 27 months in March.

As the economy continued to grow there, the $46,331.62 generated in March was just a 0.04% increase on the year from the $46,309.78 brought in last year. .

The last time the city saw a year-over-year increase in monthly sales tax revenue of less than 10% was in November 2019.

Brookside Village collected $7,689.76 in taxes in March, slightly less than the same month in 2021, when $7,781.41 hit the tills.

Liverpool’s total of $7,058.52 was a 28.9% increase from the previous March total of $5,474.63

Monthly sales tax reports are released six weeks after the end of the month. The April sales tax report is expected to be released in mid-June.

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