Rishi Sunak orders probe into Akshata Murty tax status leak

RISHI Sunak calls for an investigation to be launched into how the media learned of his wife’s non-domiciled tax status.

Akshata Murty has been revealed to be paying an annual fee of £30,000 to be classed as a ‘non-dom’ – despite having lived in Downing Street. The arrangement allowed him to avoid paying millions in UK tax on overseas income.

Although she has now said she will end that status and pay UK tax on all her earnings, questions about Sunak’s family arrangements have continued to persist.

The Chancellor reacted to the review angrily, saying he believed his family were the victims of a “smear campaign”.

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Reports said Sunak’s top allies had accused No 10 of briefing him and suggested that might be behind the leaks.

A Labor source further told PA: ‘Clearly No 10 is the one briefing Rishi Sunak and after his failure to tackle the cost of living crisis you can see why.’

However, No 10 denied any connection to Murty’s tax status leak, which very few people would have known about.

PA reported that Sunak’s desired investigation has now begun.

According to the Sunday Times, the Chancellor’s team believe a Labor official nicknamed ‘Red Throat’ is behind the leak.

The newspaper quotes a senior government official as saying: “There is going to be a full investigation by Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office and Treasury to find out who had this information and whether anyone asked for this information.

“Disclosure of an individual’s tax status is a criminal offence.”

Sky News further reported that a source close to the Chancellor is quoted as saying: “This will be a more aggressive version of the leak investigations… The investigation will be carried out with a view to possible criminal prosecution as it is illegal to disclose someone’s taxes status.”

The SNP asked Sunak to release his tax returns after learning he was listed as a beneficiary of a trust in a tax haven and held a US green card while serving as chancellor.

Labor accused Sunak of hypocrisy, saying his family potentially saved tens of millions of pounds from the arrangement while he raised taxes for millions of others.

Some experts have estimated that Murty, who remains an Indian citizen, saved £20million by not having to pay tax on his shares in Infosys, an Indian IT company founded by his father.

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