Revenue & Taxation Says Tax Form Printing Fees Part of Cost-Cut Measures | News

The fee for PRINTING tax forms has been part of the Revenue and Taxation Division’s cost-cutting measures since fiscal year 2020 in anticipation of austerity measures amid declining overall local revenues, said the Director of DRT, Tracy Norita.

Currently, the fiscal year 2022 budget or Public Law 22-08 provides DRT, which has 51 employees, $5,730 in local funds and $15,643 in American Rescue Plan Act funds for operations, added Norita.

“This level of funding forces us to focus on essential operations and services,” she said.

“We decided that one way to cut costs was to take a modern approach by providing all tax forms online for free. We can provide a blank printed copy for $0.50 per page. This approach encourages taxpayers to use other free or low-cost public services that can help with printing services, or to seek out low-cost tax services. Until full and adequate funding is authorized by our legislature, DRT must strive to stay within its budget limits, which we believe could cause frustration.

She added, “We appreciate the understanding of the general public and will continue to deliver our essential services with excellence and integrity. »

A taxpayer who declined to be identified told Variety, “Why do taxpayers have to pay their own tax forms and where does the money go? I called today and spoke to the compliance supervisor and got no response, but ended up getting a free tax form. My concern is this: why is there no provision in the budget to print forms for taxpayers this year as was the case last year? I asked to speak to the person in charge of the budget, but the person in charge of compliance told me that she did not want to discuss with me and that I could pick up my form for free. Is this really what a taxpayer must do to obtain a document that he is legally required to produce? How much money do they make charging 50 cents per taxpayer on this island? When I asked where the money is going, his answer was “a salesman”. Why does a government entity… charge for paper? Driver’s license forms don’t cost money, in fact most forms don’t, so why [we have to pay for] tax forms this year? »

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