Report of the commissioners on economic development and hearing of the report on the sales tax

by Danielle Linton-Hatfield/Personal editor

During the Saline County Commission meeting held on Thursday, June 9, Northern Commissioner Stephanie Gooden reported on a conference she attended. She said it was about economic development, which was discussed in Manhattan, Kan.

“It was eye-opening to see how Manhattan has grown since 2014,” Gooden added. “We were able to interview and learn from many leaders there. I took away from that experience — my two main ones are: one, we need to come together with a positive attitude — and we need to establish a plan or a vision for how to develop Saline County. Those were the two main things that they – the leaders of Manhattan kept saying that they couldn’t do it alone or as a whole. They had to do it as a group.

In other news, Presiding Commissioner Kile Guthrey reported that the Malta Bend Memorial Post No. 558 would like to use the courthouse lawn on Friday morning November 11. He said it would be for a Veterans Day ceremony at 11 a.m.

The commission unanimously approved post #558 to hold the ceremony on the south side of the courthouse.

During the meeting, Treasurer Jared Brewer presented the following sales tax report for the month of June: Sales Tax $124,354.18 (up $23,148.05 from last month; down $13,859.54 over last year); Law Enforcement $93,265.81 (up $17,361.09 from last month; down $10,394.71 from last year); Use tax of $55,485.28 (down $2,750.88 from last month; up $15,474.79 from last year); Law – Sunset $31,089.82 (up $5,807.09 from last month; down -$3,419.03 from last year); and Economic Development $124,274.90 (up $23,280.52 from last month; down $13,685.07 from last year).

This month’s sales tax report and future ones can always be viewed at

Finally, Guthrey said he had something to say before wrapping up the meeting.

“There’s one thing I just want to say about the commission,” he said. “We are doing our best to work together for the benefit of Saline County. We’ve seen in (the) past what the split has cost the county and it’s not our goal for that to happen while we’re on call. We just want to try to do our best for the county. »

“We were able to interview and learn from many leaders there.”

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