Questions about your 1099-G tax form? There is a hotline.


A new hotline is available for Oklahoma taxpayers who have questions about how unemployment benefits affect their tax returns.

The dedicated hotline, as well as an online virtual agent, will help people understand the 1099-G tax forms they received from the Oklahoma Job Security Commission.

“We have proactively put in place a dedicated team and resources to help Oklahoma residents answer their questions on Tax Form 1099-G and find a solution,” said Shelley Zumwalt, executive director of OESC. “Receiving a Form 1099-G may be a normal process for filing annual taxes, but we understand that there will be unique challenges for many people when filing taxes this year. “

OESC also helps Oklahoma residents who received Form 1099-G even though they did not receive unemployment benefits. If a person believes they are a victim of identity theft, the OESC recommends that they file reports with their local police department and the state attorney general’s office.

The tax forms have already been mailed, and they are also available online at

Unemployment benefits are taxable income, just like normal wages, and must be reported on federal and state income tax returns. The OESC said these benefits include federal programs and all payments from the CARES Act funds, such as unemployment pandemic assistance, lost wages assistance and emergency compensation in pandemic case.

This could affect your tax return amount or the amount owed, unless taxes were withheld from the original unemployment benefits.

People who need help or have questions can call the hotline at 405-521-6099.

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