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COLUMBUS, Ohio – As the Ohio Department of Employment and Family begins issuing 1099-G tax forms to people who received unemployment benefits the previous year, Director Matt Damschroder said The department was taking additional steps to ensure the 1099s were only intended for legitimate claimants amid identity theft suffered by unemployment programs across the country, according to a statement.

“Identity theft has been a widespread national challenge for state unemployment programs since the onset of the pandemic,” Damschroder said in the statement. “For many people in 2020, a 1099 was their first indication that their personal information had been used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim. To ensure we don’t generate a 1099 for victims of identity theft, we’ve reached out to everyone who is supposed to receive a 1099 and asked them to report potential identity theft through our recently enhanced fraud reporting portal. .

In September, Damschroder announced improvements to the fraud reporting portal at Unemployment.ohio.gov, which make it easier for those who have received correspondence on behalf of others to report potential fraud. The ministry uses the information in this database to suppress the generation of 1099-G tax forms.

Last month, the ODJFS informed some 955,000 Ohioans last month that claims for unemployment benefits had been filed on their behalf in 2021. People who received notice and did not apply for benefits have were invited to report it as soon as possible, if they have not already done so. therefore, by clicking the red Report ID Theft button on the website or by calling 833 658 0394. Although the IRS says individuals should not report incorrect 1099-G income on their tax return , the ODJFS recommends consulting the IRS or a qualified tax advisor with any questions. .

For more fraud advice and frequently asked questions, visit Unemploymenthelp.ohio.gov/IdentityTheft.

Legitimate job seekers who received allowances in 2021 need 1099-G forms in order to be able to report this income when filing their annual taxes. ODJFS issued approximately 1.7 million 1099-G forms in 2021 and 200,000 forms in 2020

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