Offender who failed to file tax form tells magistrates she was kidnapped and jailed |

A 58-year-old woman has been conditionally released after she admitted failing to complete a tax return and pay an £875 fine despite warnings.

Shem Heather Allanson appeared in court on Thursday after being arrested by police on a warrant and spending time in police custody.

She initially refused to speak to the magistrates, but then read on a piece of paper saying, ‘I am a living woman. You offend me.

She claimed that the Isle of Man courts were trying to force a contract and that she had been ‘kidnapped’ and ‘incarcerated’.

She said, “I ask you to give up and restore my freedom.”

After refusing to plead guilty to the tax offence, the magistrates pleaded not guilty on his behalf.

Allanson said: ‘I am not Mrs Allanson. I am not a legal fiction. I am a living woman. The income tax division does not have a contract. You use coercion with threats to try to force a contract. You cannot act on my behalf. I don’t want to plead. There are no cases.

A trial date was set for February 11, and Allanson was told she would be remanded in custody until that date because she had not responded when asked if she wanted to make a restraining application. bail.

However, after spending more time in police custody on the ground floor of the courthouse, Allanson requested that his case be recalled. She initially said she would plead guilty under duress, but was told that was not acceptable and that any guilty plea would have to be of her own free will or the not guilty plea would stand.

She then entered a guilty plea.

The court heard Allanson failed to submit a tax return for the period ending April 5, 2019.

In September 2021, she was given an extra month to file the statement but failed to do so and also failed to pay an £875 fine.

In court, she claimed that she thought the income tax was only due when she signed the form, so she did not sign it, believing that it was not not a contract.

She said she had refused two summonses that had been sent, in a way she thought had been legal, so she said she was shocked when the police came to “break down my door”.

Magistrates reminded Allanson that the order to submit the tax return and pay the fine was still in effect.

She agreed to pay the £875 fine at the rate of £200 per month.

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