Northern Brazoria towns benefit from strong sales tax report

Sales tax revenues for towns in northern Brazoria County continue to be strong, according to the latest monthly report.

Monthly sales tax reports are released by the Texas State Comptroller’s Office six weeks after the fact. Sales tax revenue reported on December 10 details the money taxing entities made in October, which is typically a month hovering between back-to-school shopping and holiday crush.

Pearland has seen consistent double-digit year-over-year increases in sales tax money, and the most recent report followed that trend.

The city generated some $ 3.16 million in sales taxes in October, an increase of 14.4% from the $ 2.76 million made the same month in 2020.

At this point last year, the city had cashed in $ 33.78 million, compared to $ 39.03 million so far this year.

Alvin’s cash registers continued to buzz in October. That month, the city took in $ 733,653, or $ 52,765, or 7.7%, more than the same month in 2020.

The city’s view also surpassed that of October 2019, when $ 716,246 entered.

Overall, Alvin received $ 8.79 million in taxes this year, about 2.8% more than at the same time last year.

After seeing single-digit sales tax growth for three out of four months, Manvel surged in October, when he made $ 328,006. That figure was $ 51,559, or 18.65%, more than the $ 276,446 produced in October 2020.

The October 2021 figure was also significantly higher than that recorded in the same month of 2019, when Manvel cashed in $ 227,567, which is $ 100,438 less than this year’s amount.

Manvel’s year-to-date sales tax revenue has also been strong. So far this year, the city has received $ 3.44 million, which is 19.8% more than the $ 2.88 million of 2020.

Iowa Colony continues to show marked improvement in sales tax figures year over year. The city received $ 57,231 in October, or $ 22,919, or 66.8%, more than $ 34,312 in October 2020.

To top things off, Brookside Village brought in $ 7,683 in sales taxes in October, which is 26.15% more than the $ 6,090 it generated in the same month last year. The December report was not so kind to Liverpool, however. This municipality has seen its tax revenues fall by 14% compared to last year. The October 2021 total was $ 4,550.

The sales tax revenue report for November purchases will be released in mid-January.

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