Monthly sales tax report shows promising trend for Bay Area cities


Monthly sales tax figures for Bay Area cities showed year-over-year increases across the board for July in the state’s latest report.

Sales tax figures are released two months after the fact. The July report was released by the State Comptroller’s Office on September 10.

Dickinson’s July numbers jump from 2020

League City saw a double-digit year-over-year increase in July.

That month, the city raked in $ 2.5 million, up from $ 2.3 million for that month in 2020. The difference of $ 214,455 between the two marks an increase of 9.2%.

The July 2021 sales tax figure was well ahead of the same month before the 2019 pandemic. That year, the city took in $ 1.9 million.

Webster and Dickinson were both close to hitting the $ 2 million mark in sales tax revenue, bringing in $ 1.8 million.

Dickinson’s total was a 74.6% improvement from the $ 1 million generated in July 2020. The 2021 sales tax figure was also well above the $ 1.06 million collected in July 2019.

At Webster, the $ 1.8 million in July was a 29.8% increase above the $ 1.4 million produced in July 2020.

In July 2019, Webster claimed $ 1.5 million in sales tax.

Friendswood saw an 11.6% year-over-year increase in sales tax revenue when it raised $ 812,236. In the same month last year, that figure was $ 727,644.

The July tax figure also exceeded the mark displayed the same month in 2019. In July, Friendswood generated $ 737,949 in sales tax.

Kemah continues to have a strong 2021 for sales tax. In July, the City of the Bay produced $ 430,474, up 42.7% from the $ 301,622 cashed in the same month last year.

Kemah’s sales tax figure for July 2019 was $ 506,135.

Across Clear Creek, Seabrook also had a good July, bringing in $ 245,837 compared to $ 211,272 in the same month last year. This difference of $ 34,565 came down to an increase of 16.4%.

Nassau Bay reversed a two-month trend by posting a year-over-year increase in tax revenue.

The city generated $ 88,934 in sales tax dollars in July, a 12.9% jump from the same month last year when it collected $ 78,807.

In May and June, Nassau Bay experienced an annual decline in sales tax revenue, averaging 8.4%.

El Lago collected $ 19,759 in sales tax revenue in July, some $ 4,800 more than the $ 14,959 generated a year ago.

Taylor Lake Village produced $ 15,596 in tax revenue in July, up from $ 13,491 in 2020 for that month.

The August sales tax report will be released in mid-October.

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