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After leaving Nebraska for college and then starting my career in another state, I finally came home. Unfortunately, my home makes it nearly impossible for me to want to stay here, with sky-high property taxes, punitive vehicle taxes, and a generally outdated tax code.

I’m struggling to buy my first home, finance a car, and live my life as I watch my friends in other states plant their roots with similar financial means. We can no longer put politically convenient band-aids and fixes on the Nebraska tax code. We need something new; that’s why I support Charles W. Herbster for governor.

Charles won’t just put temporary fixes to our tax code that disappear four years after they were passed, but rather work with the unicameral to change Nebraska’s tax code to resemble our neighbors in South Dakota. , Iowa and Wyoming.

Many young people, myself included, want to raise families and grow businesses in Nebraska. If we don’t elect a fighter and political underdog like Charles W. Herbster as governor, I don’t think many of us will ever be able to live out those dreams in the state we love.

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This gubernatorial election will determine my family and my future in this state. I want to raise my kids here and live in Nebraska, but we need a man like Charles W. Herbster as governor to create tax codes here that make it easier.

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