Latest sales tax report is good news for towns in northern Brazoria

Sales tax numbers for North Brazoria County continue to show signs of a strengthening economy.

The Texas Comptrollers Office released sales tax figures for February on April 8, and all municipalities in the region posted year-over-year increases.

Befitting the largest city in northern Brazoria County, Pearland led the way in sales tax revenue, raking in $2.94 million in February. This total was half a million dollars higher than the February 2021 figure of $2.43 million and represented a gain of 20.9%.

The 20.9% year-over-year monthly sales tax increase was the biggest increase for Pearland since July, when the city saw a 23.8% jump.

The Town of Alvin’s total of $618,378 for February represents an increase of 11.5% from the $554,826 that entered the cash registers in February 2021.

The year-over-year increase contrasts with January, when the $637,064 Alvin received was 4.1% lower than the $664,219 brought in that month in 2021.

Manvel was in the same boat. Last January, the city recorded sales tax revenue of $240,228, a 1.5% drop in revenue from $243,901 for that month in 2021.

But in February, Manvel’s $233,295 was 3.1% higher than last February’s $226,177.

Iowa Colony continues to see a steady increase in its sales tax returns.

In February, the total of $34,033 was $8,237.63 higher than the $25,795 made in the second month of 2021.

Brookside Village and Liverpool also benefited from a year-on-year increase in sales tax money received in February.

Brookside Village raised $7,763, up from $5,985 last year.

Liverpool recorded $4,909 in sales tax revenue, up from $3,907 last February.

The sales tax report detailing the month of March is due out on May 13.

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