Latest sales tax report is brilliant for most Bay Area towns


Cities in the Bay Area saw cash registers increase sales at an accelerating pace in August, judging by the monthly sales tax report.

Each month, the Texas Comptroller’s Office issues a sales tax report that details each city’s revenue in a given month.

The reports are published approximately six weeks after the incident; the August report was therefore published on October 8. This report showed that virtually overall, cities in the Bay Area saw a double-digit year-over-year increase in sales tax revenue compared to August 2020.

League City’s total summer sales tax exceeds $ 8 million

Three cities in the region received more than $ 1 million in sales tax revenue in August – Dickinson, Webster and League City – with League City leading the pack with $ 2.505 million. This figure was 12.3% higher than the $ 2.231 million contributed in August 2019.

With June, July and August including the summer months, it has been a hot retail season for League City.

In total, the municipality collected $ 8.148 million this summer. As of the summer of 2020, that figure stood at $ 7.389 million.

In 2020, the US economy was darkened by the coronavirus pandemic. However, a comparison of League City’s summer 2021 to that of its 2019 counterpart indicates that the municipality has significantly increased its sales tax revenue.

That season, League City saw $ 5.721 million in tax revenue flow into city coffers, about $ 2.427 million less than what was reported for this summer.

Dickinson’s August total jumps from last year

The town of Dickinson also had an impressive show in August of this year, generating $ 1.892 million in sales tax revenue. That number was more than twice as high as the August 2020 $ 856,934.

The summer sun was also shining on Dickinson, as $ 5.435 million in sales tax funds were generated. Last year that amount totaled $ 3.107 million.

Webster topped the $ 1 million cities by producing $ 1.635 million in taxes in August. This is a 10.7 percent improvement from last August’s posting of $ 1.477 million.

The report detailing August’s revenue was a bit bright for the city as it represented the second consecutive month Webster saw a year-over-year increase in sales tax dollars.

But the summer of 2021 was definitely a good one for Webster, as the season saw $ 5.23 million, up from $ 4.731 million for the same season last year.

After surpassing the $ 1 million mark for sales tax revenue in June, the town of Friendswood continued to bubble below that bar in August, watching $ 851,919 come in. This was 26.43% above August 2020 revenue of $ 673,818.

Friendswood’s summer has also been quite good compared to 2020. This year the city took in $ 2.746 million, compared to a year ago that amounted to $ 2.394 million.

Kemah continued to make gains over last year’s monthly sales tax total. In 2020, August produced $ 289,043, while this year’s campaign grossed $ 350,485, an increase of $ 61,442.

Seabrook topped last August’s total by registering $ 246,261 in sales tax revenue, up from that mark of $ 217,661 last year.

Clear Lake Shores was an anomaly in the Bay Area as August revenue declined year over year. This year, August generated $ 178,711 in tax revenue, down 4.47% from $ 187,086 for the same month in 2020.

For the second month in a row, Nassau Bay saw its year-over-year tax revenue surpass last year’s levels. In August, the city produced $ 98,932 in tax revenue, which is a 15.24% increase from last August’s performance of $ 85,847.

El Lago and Taylor Lake Village both recorded sales tax revenues in August that were higher than this month’s total a year ago. El Lago raised $ 16,423 in August, down from a year ago that figure stood at $ 14,859.

Taylor Lake Village claimed $ 16,105 in August, while $ 13,735 was donated during last year’s monthly tour.

The September sales tax report will be released in mid-November.

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