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WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WAOW) – If you love the great outdoors in Wisconsin and want to give back, you can do that while filing your income taxes.

You can donate to the Endangered Resource Fund on your Wisconsin income tax form.

These donations are tax deductible and are matched dollar for dollar.

For the 2020 tax year, the donation of threatened resources can be found on Form 1, line 21a. Part of the year and non-residents filling out Form 1NPR, it is on line 55a.

Donations represented just over 13% of the Fund’s income for 2020, including $ 267,654 from taxes.

The fund was created by the state legislature almost 40 years ago.

The funds are used both for animals and nature. From the preservation of unmanaged lakes, to the burning and removal of brush in the prairies, to the return of an animal population like the trumpeter swan.

Whether you’ve donated in the past or are planning to donate this year, the generosity the people of Wisconsin have shown is greatly appreciated.

“Your contributions have been so important to the conservation of much of what I think makes Wisconsin so special. Many of our plants, animals and special places,” said Drew Feldkirchner, Director conservation of natural heritage at the MRN.

You can find more information about the fund here.

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