How to get your tax form 1099-G if you received benefits


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DENVER (KDVR) – Many of those who received unemployment benefits last year are now dependent on tax returns, but some are still waiting to get their 1099-G forms from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment ( CDLE).

The CDLE tells FOX31 problem solvers that the department is still working to get all 1099-Gs loaded into the MyUI + system.

Kymmberleigh Oliver tells FOX31 that she now has a job but needs her tax refund ASAP.

“I have bills that need to be caught up with due to COVID and the pandemic and being unemployed all this time made me go back last night and now it’s backing me even further,” he said. she declared.

The CDLE explains that all 1099-G forms related to the PUA are accessible on the MyUI + account of an applicant. If an applicant has received PUA benefits as well as regular unemployment benefits from the State, PEUC or SEB, the 1099 in their MyUI + account will only reflect PUA benefits.

If an applicant has not received their 1099 in the mail, they can complete this form to receive another copy in the mail. Applicants should also complete this form if they need another copy of the 1099 that reflects any non-PUA benefits paid to them in 2020. If an applicant alone received PUA benefits in 2020, they don’t have to fill out the form and instead access 1099 through MyUI +.

These requests for copies of an existing 1099 are dealt with promptly.

The CDLE adds that if a person believes they are a victim of fraud and has requested a corrected 1099 using this form, those requests take longer because each report of an incorrect 1099 must be manually verified to verify the correctness. ‘exactness.

More information is available on the CDLE website.

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