Everything you need to know about the new format of the 26AS income tax form or the annual information statement


The modified format of Form 26AS or the Annual Information Statement put in place by the Income Tax Department earlier, digitally captures and reflects the details of all high value transactions, allowing taxpayers to more easily check their details.

The Indian Department of Income Tax requires uploading annual information returns under the new 26AS form containing details of the tax credit on a taxpayer’s account according to the department’s records. It is mandatory to prepare the 26AS Tracking Form under Rule 114I (Rule 31AB was omitted with effect from June 1, 2020) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The Central Commission for Direct Taxes (CBDT) has made further changes to the filing of Form 26AS. From this year, SFTs will help assessors to recall financial transactions to deposit the ITR (Income Tax Returns) account. Now all operations such as depositing / withdrawing cash from savings accounts, credit card payments, buying stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, selling / buying goods real estate, term deposits, mutual funds, share repurchases and cash payment of goods and services will be recorded in the form. The move will bring more transparency and detail to the form and financial situation of those assessed.

Until now, in the 26AS form, some specific personal information was required, such as name, address and PAN, but the new form will contain more details such as date of birth, email address registered and mobile phone number. This amendment has been made to keep you up to date with the communication options provided, and it will also help you update those details as needed.

The Income Tax Service says the new Form 26AS is the taxpayer’s faceless presentation, which is transparent, convenient and comprehensive.

Step by step guide to upload form 26AS to the new ITR 2.0 portal

Step 1: Login to the “New Income Tax Portal https: // www. Incometax.gov.in ”by pressing the login button in the upper right corner of the website.

Step 2: Go to the menu ‘e-File’ / Income Tax Returns /, click on the link ‘View Form 26 AS (Tax Credit)’.

Step 3: Read the disclaimer, click “Confirm” and you will be taken to the TDS-CPC portal.

Step 4: In the TDS-CPC portal, accept the acceptance of the use. Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 5: Press “View tax credit (form 26AS)”

Step 6: By choosing “Evaluation year” and “View type” (HTML, Text or PDF). Click on “View / Download”

Step 7: To export the tax credit statement as a PDF, view it in HTML> tap export as PDF and you will be able to download the 26AS form as a PDF.

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