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The Ides of April – or April 15 – is tax day. The day was immortalized in everything from specialty cakes to pop songs. This year, the 15th is a Friday, so you benefit from the weekend and you don’t have to file your return until Monday the 18th. If these two extra days are when you plan to do your taxes, we understand you. .

The US tax code is notoriously complicated and confusing. But does it have to be?

The tax code has changed and evolved over the centuries as the country has changed and evolved. For example, the United States used to be exempt from income tax. Did you know ? Do you know what your income taxes are? What about your property taxes? And how are these taxes different from sales tax, estate tax, and corporation tax?

The US tax code has also been derided as unfair from the time it was installed. So how can we better understand its intentions and its impact?

At 9 a.m. Monday, MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with a tax expert about the history of our tax code – who pays the most and why, and how we all benefit from taxes.

And we heard you. You answered our questions: How did you find out about the tax code? Have your taxes changed like your life has changed? Have you ever done anything to avoid paying taxes? Do you have questions about who has the power to change the tax code and how?


  • Paul Gutterman is Director of the Master of Business Taxation Program at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and has over a decade of tax experience, including at Dorsey and Whitney and Ernst & Young. .

  • Willie Gregg is director of tax and financial services at Prepare & Prosper in Saint Paul.

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