12 Answers: Why can’t I access my unemployment benefit tax form online?


PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Tax season is upon us, which means many Rhode Islanders like Bruce Yuro are starting to clean up their papers.

But the Coventry resident struggled to access his Form 1099G online. Yuro, like several other viewers of 12 News, wrote in 12 Responds to express his frustrations.

“I usually file my taxes at the beginning of February,” Yuro said. “When I didn’t receive it and they didn’t publish it, I was worried. “

Form 1099G is intended for those who have received unemployment benefits. He said he filed for unemployment last spring.

“I took off in April and May of last year as a voluntary layoff because we were slow,” Yuro said.

Yuro said he hadn’t had any issues with unemployment benefits until recently, when he said he tried to use his PIN to access Form 1099G online.

“The system kept kicking me out and telling me it didn’t recognize me,” he said.

12 News has contacted the Ministry of Labor and Training (DLT) about this. A spokesperson said those who cannot access their 1099G forms can reset their PIN online, but Yuro said he was unable to do so.

“When they ask you to reset your PIN, it gets you back into that loop where you started,” Yuro said. “Insert your social security, insert your date of birth, again, and then that would kick you out again. “

The DLT spokesperson said that since updated information, including PIN numbers, are sent to the system overnight, anyone who has reset their PIN will have to wait to try and download the form again on the next day. the following day.

Yuro said he tried to contact the DLT call center for help, but no one wanted to help.

“They kept telling you to call back because they are flooded or very busy,” Yuro said.

The DLT spokesperson suggested calling later in the day or at the end of the week, when it is usually less crowded.

At a small business forum hosted by new Gov. Dan McKee on Tuesday, DLT deputy director Matt Weldon said they were able to help just over 1,000 people last week. He suggested that Rhode Islanders visit their website before contacting the DLT call center.

“I’m working with our web developer to create some new graphics and make it a bit easier to find information,” he said.

Weldon also said the DLT call center had received calls from people questioning the amount of unemployment benefits they had received.

“The problem was really that either people weren’t aware of how many payments they had received, and part of that was because we need to do a better job of providing a benefit balance statement,” he said. he said, noting that all of the claims he had considered were correct.

He said unemployment benefits are taxable and residents of Rhode Island could still owe taxes even if their taxes were withheld.

“Every payment from DLT, whether it’s your regular unemployment, pandemic unemployment, the extra weekly amount of $ 600, the amount FEMA paid that was $ 300 a week, the governor’s break which was $ 200, and now an additional $ 300 per week… all of those payments are taxable, ”he explained.

The DLT also said that pop-up blockers could prevent the form from appearing on your computer, and simply disabling the ad blocker could resolve the issue.

Those who have tried all of these steps and still cannot access their 1099G form online can wait for the form to arrive in the mail, which the DLT says was recently sent out and is expected to arrive by the end of the week. .

The latest unemployment rate in Rhode Island hovers at just over 8%, and Weldon said they are still helping about 80,000 people a week.

“We had 83,000 people requesting payment last week,” he said.

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